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Our Solution to Reputation Management

Response Patrol takes the proven methods for Reputation Management - Monitor / Respond / Promote - and puts it all at your finger tips. Our Online Reputation Management System (ORMS) saves managers a considerable amount of time tracking your stores and employee's reviews. Dealer Principals can monitor reviews and review requests across multiple stores from a top level view, or drill down into each location, and then down to each employee.

Response Patrol is fully customizable allowing you to manage your locations, review presence, employees, email templates and more remotely from your PC, smartphone, tablet or iDevice. Please read on to see how our solution to reputation management is unique.

Dashboard Tools that Allow You to Maintain the Accuracy of your Business Listings

Do you know if all your business listings are the same across the internet? Phone number, address, website, business hours and so on? What about duplicate listings your current Reputation Management company is not telling you about? And what are you doing to communicate with your national brand's efforts to add your business to the same business directories in which you already have an online presence? Most national brands no longer like the online listing of "Smith's Volkswagen Audi Porsche" and will do their best to break it up for you. Reponse Patrol's services and tools provide:

  • Initial review of directory listings to check for accuracy and presence
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly directory presence monitoring to check for changes / duplicates / fakes
  • Directory listings managed by listing site - you can easily see how all your stores are performing in Google Places for example
  • Monitor and Mark the "Claim" status of your directory listings
  • Group listings by directory type: Local, Map, Complaint, Automotive, Dining, Lodging
  • Allow you to monitor the progress of your "removal" or "change" request with directory listings

A Monitoring System that Alerts you to New Reviews

At this point we hope you understand that your online reputation is important and influences future sales at your business. Most people write reviews to complain about the product or service they received at your business because, well, that is human nature. When you receive a negative review, you need tools that alert you as soon as possible. Response Patrol's Online Reputation Management System offers:

  • Daily / Weekly patrolling of online reviews (based on plan)
  • Tools to track and assign which department, manager, employee, and date was contained in the review
  • Manager's tools so they can instantly reply to angry customers and track/record efforts
  • Reporting tools to track store and employee efforts by date range
  • Weekly / Monthly summary reports

Tools to Get Your Customers Writing Positive Reviews

The most important part about getting positive online reviews is to make sure actual customers are writing them. Sometimes your customers are so happy they just forget to write that glowing review about their experience and you need to remind them. Response Patrol provides Review Request Tools that allow you to:

  • Send a customized review request email to customers
  • Create custom request emails for each store and department
  • Create a custom review request portal website linking to online business directories
  • Track employee and store performance for reviews gained, and reviews requested

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